Corner. Faster.

Corner. Faster.

Corner. Faster. Corner. Faster. Corner. Faster.

On trail Mountain Bike Cornering clinic.

 Small groups 5 or less. On-trail video critique.

Corner. Faster.

Corner. Faster.

Corner. Faster. Corner. Faster. Corner. Faster.

On trail Mountain Bike Cornering clinic.

 Small groups 5 or less. On-trail video critique.


Tim - "Warrior"

"Eric is extremely knowledgeable and personable, allowing the skills taught to be accessible to all experience levels."

Jeff - "Warrior"

"Eric is a MTB whisperer! His laid back style combined with his direct and honest feedback, create and environment where you can learn what's possible on your bike. If you want to get faster, go see Eric!...iPad review was money!"

Ross - "Warrior"

Great training focused on cornering, it allowed me to hone in on one specific area where I could get a lot of return on investment!

Mike - "Warrior"

"Eric has a great coaching plan which starts with slow cone drills to establish proper body-bike separation, followed by application to actual corners. I felt safe enough to push to and through my comfort levels with respect to speed. The instant feedback with videos are HUGE!" 

Ed - "Warrior"

"Best money spent so far for my mountain biking hobby. I came in nervous about flat turns, came out conquering my fears."

Jerome - "Warrior"

"I loved that this clinic was only focused on cornering. It’s maybe the most important skill when riding or racing MTB. Eric is doing an amazing job at breaking it down into comprehensible key moves. Since the clinic, I beat few more new PRs! Burrito was great too!"

World Cup Pro DH UCI 2016 Champion

Clinic format

Lets get setup

You'll learn quick pro-tips to keep you rolling on the trails with confidence. Topics covered: Rear

We will work on dialing in your mountain bike cockpits. This will include determining optimal tire pressures for various scenarios, setting your ideal brake level angle, spacing and hand grip positioning. We will also work through demonstrations of tire traction,  its impact on cornering and you’ll learn how far you truly can lean your bike. 

Bike-body separation techniques

Coach Eric Gasser using a iPad to help athlete see themself and refine skills.

We will work through cornering cone drills to refine your bike-body separation technique and review the 3 fundamentals (braking, stance, reading the trail). You will learn unique braking technics, the important of brake modulation and how body positioning impacts braking power. We will refine your ready and neutral positions so that they feel as natural as possible on the trail.

Find unique trail lines

Athlete crossing creek.

We will work through trail line selection, riding unique lines that might not always be obvious and practice holding a line around a swooping descending corner. We will focus on consistent and confident turning with an emphasis on entering each corner with the exit in mind. 

Utilizing the whole trail

Black mountain flat left hand turn.

We will work on utilizing the whole trail to maximize speed when cornering. This corner will have added obstacles to challenge your newfound skills. We will work on the aggressive ready position, learn the value of staying low and its impact on your speed, improve flow through the corner, and review important safety tips.

Increasing the speed

Athlete practicing level pedal cornering.

We will work through applying the more aggressive ready position to accommodate a corner with an increased descending angle. You will learn how to manage naturally increasing speed though a blind, off-camber corner. Together we’ll identifying the most creative, in-boundary line through the corner for increasing stability.

Wrap up & review

Athlete group photo.

As we wrap up, we will work through training techniques you can use at home for refining your new skills. Group photos are common. Gather your free swag and head towards the nearest watering hole. 

Clinics include

Athlete Video

Coach Eric Gasser reviewing bike body form with athlete.

Uncut clinic video will be available soon after each clinic. Great for viewing daily accomplishments and capturing action packed photos. Access to members only video Skills Library. 


MTBCornering Branded hat.

Athletes that participates in a MTBCornering Clinic receives a world famous branded hat. PLUS Collaborator swag. 

Community Benefits

Strava Club

Athletes can collaborate and challenge each other in the MTBCornering STRAVA private club. Plus Alumni discounts ranging from 20-50% off MTBCornering products and clinics. 


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