San Diego Clinics


Tim - "Warrior"

"Eric is extremely knowledgeable and personable, allowing the skills taught to be accessible to all experience levels."

Jeff - "Warrior"

"Eric is a MTB whisperer! His laid back style combined with his direct and honest feedback, create and environment where you can learn what's possible on your bike. If you want to get faster, go see Eric!...iPad review was money!"

Ross - "Warrior"

Great training focused on cornering, it allowed me to hone in on one specific area where I could get a lot of return on investment!

Mike - "Warrior"

"Eric has a great coaching plan which starts with slow cone drills to establish proper body-bike separation, followed by application to actual corners. I felt safe enough to push to and through my comfort levels with respect to speed. The instant feedback with videos are HUGE!" 

Ed - "Warrior"

"Best money spent so far for my mountain biking hobby. I came in nervous about flat turns, came out conquering my fears."

Jerome - "Warrior"

"I loved that this clinic was only focused on cornering. It’s maybe the most important skill when riding or racing MTB. Eric is doing an amazing job at breaking it down into comprehensible key moves. Since the clinic, I beat few more new PRs! Burrito was great too!"

World Cup Pro DH UCI 2016 Champion

Lacey - "EMTB"

...Eric was an amazing coach throughout the day giving us immediate feedback, positive support, and making us feel as though we were passing levels and making huge strides in our riding abilities, all while having an absolute blast. This class makes me feel not only a lot more confident to go riding with friends on more advanced trails, but maybe even to sign up for a race one day. 

Frederick - "EMTB

If you’re reading this just do it! For the cost of a shitty brunch you’d stand in line for, you can work on developing rad skills from a killer coach in beautiful outdoor San Diego and have a bitchin’ time doing it. Best bargain on a bike!

Paul - "EMTB"

Coming into the class, there was no such thing as a fast flat corner for me. It was all brakes and then a turn of the bars. Eric showed us proper technique to take a corner confident and fast with some times not even braking at all. The class definitely sharpened my MTB skills to where I'm actively using individual techniques learned and applying them in my riding today. 

Anonymous - "Warrior"

Eric knows how to rip corners. I thought I did too before taking his class. I left with lots to work on to be faster and safer. 

Todd - "Warrior"

If you want to ride faster and safer take this clinic! Todd

Kieth - "Warrior"

Before this class I was taking turns almost flat and way under speed. The education and practice this course has provided me with has changed my whole riding style. I will never look at a turn the same way again.

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Trailside mechanical tips

You'll learn quick pro-tips to keep you rolling on the trails with confidence. Topics covered: Rear

Learn quick pro-tips to keep you rolling on the trails with confidence. Topics covered: Rear derailleur alignment, trailside flat repair and a few other must knows. 

Cornering right/left


Cone exercises demonstrating lean not turn. 

Learn about hip and weight distribution. Recognize your tread will hold you to the ground. Plus sprinting drills. Racer ready GO! 

Cornering with obstacles


Learn how to read trail lines with speed in mind. Practice cornering at a faster speed.  Work on balance and weight distribution.

Two corners strung together


Centered position and no brakes into the first turn, pedaling to the second corner. 

Full speed corner


Moving at higher speed with centering into a corner.  No brakes on the high side. 

Wrap up & review


Group photo and battle wound review. Small groups and personal attention.

What to expect from the regular scheduled clinics

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