PROFESSIONAL MOUNTAIN bike coach, Eric Gasser


With over 20 years of experience, ranging from XC to DH, I truly enjoy mountain biking.

Early in my professional career, I owned and operated a small online bike shop based out of Santa Rosa California. During this time I competed in downhill races, winning notable events in California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

As my career in mountain biking progressed I raced independently and for grassroots teams, traveling the western United States and racing every circuit that I could.  My cornering skills played a large part in my cycling success, and I’m keen to share my knowledge with others.  

I fell in love with mountain biking early in its evolution and continue to push myself to learn as both a rider and a coach.  My hope is that if I can shed just a bit of light on how to corner safely and with confidence, I can improve your next big mountain bike adventure and deepen your passion for the sport. 

BICP Level 2 - NOLA Wilderness First Aid - Red Cross CPR - Insured - Permitted - Park Tool Certified

Certifications and Qualifications



Tim - "Warrior"

"Eric is extremely knowledgeable and personable, allowing the skills taught to be accessible to all experience levels."

Jeff - "Warrior"

"Eric is a MTB whisperer! His laid back style combined with his direct and honest feedback, create and environment where you can learn what's possible on your bike. If you want to get faster, go see Eric!...iPad review was money!"

Ross - "Warrior"

Great training focused on cornering, it allowed me to hone in on one specific area where I could get a lot of return on investment!

Mike - "Warrior"

"Eric has a great coaching plan which starts with slow cone drills to establish proper body-bike separation, followed by application to actual corners. I felt safe enough to push to and through my comfort levels with respect to speed. The instant feedback with videos are HUGE!" 

Ed - "Warrior"

"Best money spent so far for my mountain biking hobby. I came in nervous about flat turns, came out conquering my fears."

Jerome - "Warrior"

"I loved that this clinic was only focused on cornering. It’s maybe the most important skill when riding or racing MTB. Eric is doing an amazing job at breaking it down into comprehensible key moves. Since the clinic, I beat few more new PRs! Burrito was great too!"

World Cup Pro DH UCI 2016 Champion