PROFESSIONAL MOUNTAIN bike coach, Eric Gasser

Coach Eric Gasser helping athlete feel bike body balance.

With over 20 years of experience, ranging from XC to DH, I truly enjoy mountain biking.

Early in my professional career, I owned and operated a small online bike shop based out of Santa Rosa California. During this time I competed in downhill races, winning notable events in California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

As my career in mountain biking progressed I raced independently and for grassroots teams, traveling the western United States and racing every circuit that I could.  My cornering skills played a large part in my cycling success, and I’m keen to share my knowledge with others.  

I fell in love with mountain biking early in its evolution and continue to push myself to learn as both a rider and a coach.  My hope is that if I can shed just a bit of light on how to corner safely and with confidence, I can improve your next big mountain bike adventure and deepen your passion for the sport. 

BICP Level 2 - NOLA Wilderness First Aid - Red Cross CPR - Insured - Permitted - Park Tool Certified