What do I need to bring?

Bike, repair kit (for flats), elbow/knee pads, water and anything you need to be comfortable and self-sufficient. Hoping others have what you need is not a strategy. Be prepared to get acquainted with the ground. Pads are not required but are recommended.

Learn more about my quiver here. 

Should I pack food?

Yes.  Please bring plenty of water and any snacks, energy bars, or other boosts you need to get through the day.  Alcohol is not permitted at any time during the class.  Don't be an idiot.

Contact Information

Email - mtbcornering@ericgasser.com

Phone/txt - 213-448-3389

What's the lunch situation?

Bring your own snacks and lunch. Ice chests will be available to keep you snacks tasty. 

Are e-bikes allowed?

Do you accept gratuities?

Gratuities are not expected. If you must part with cash to show your appreciation then please consider donating to SDMBA. That would make us super happy. 

Why should I take your advice?

Because it works and has been proven to win world class races.  Complete qualifications here

Am I qualified to take this clinic?

Weekend Warrior : Athletes that ride weekends and every chance they get outside a 9-5. Anyone looking to advance their skills as an Intermediate rider.

Weekend Warrior Level 2: Athletes that race regularly or ride 3-4 times a week on the dirt.  Some would say 3,000 lifetime mountain miles logged is a good qualifier. 

More Details

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes. You do.  Waivers

What if I didn't get an email confirmation?

Check your junk or spam email folder. If you really didn't get a confirmation email after booking please contact us at mtbcornering@ericgasser.com

What happens if I can't attend my scheduled clinic?

That would suck! You can cancel your clinic up to 5 days prior to the scheduled date for a full refund. Within the 5 day window you can reschedule your clinic for another date without penalty. 

What happens if I get hurt during the clinic?

We will follow appropriate First Aid protocols.  Your safety is our top priority.  

Clinic Location

Black Mountain Cornering Clinic

San Dieguito Road 

The gathering & parking: 17594 San Dieguito Rd, San Diego, CA 92127 (Google Maps)

Black Mountain Glider Port 

Miner's Loop Meeting Point

Gathering & parking: 15442 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92127, USA  (Google Maps)

or (32.9900819, -117.1252966) 

More meeting location details: Black Mountain Details

*No bathrooms at either location. 

Can I tag you on social?

YES, please. 

Facebook: @mtbcornering 

Instagram: @mtbcornering

Youtube:  MTBCornering San Diego 

#mtbcornering | #mtbcorneringsandiego

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How do I access my clinic video?

All video links will be distributed 3-5 days after each clinic via unpublished YouTube/GoPro link. 

Do you have permission to operate your clinic?

The land owner will issue a permit or written permission to operate. In the case of Black Mountain we have a permit from the City of San Diego.  General Liability Insurance is required to operate on City property. 

Is there a minimum number of athletes required to have a clinic?

No, there is no minimum number of athletes required. It's not uncommon to have fewer than the maximum number of athletes. Quality experiences and personalized guidance is the objective.  

Whats your 100% Guarantee all about?

Did you participate in any clinic from start to finish and not learn a thing? No worries. No fine print. No negotiating. A deal is a deal. We will refund 100% of your clinic. 


MTBCornering Waiver (pdf)


Black Mountain Trail Map (pdf)


Photo Release - Special Events Only (pdf)


What to expect

Trail for Difficulty Levels: GReen and blue

Uncut Clinic video